What´s up everyone? How do you do?
Go to behance. Try to select (or suggest) you made something with Autodesk
Softimage, the item list on the subject erases itself, and Autodesk
Softimage doesn´t get input as a product anymore.

Darn. AD did a brilliant job erasing us from the map on America.

Fortunately on the other side of the planet, Softimage continues to hit
hard. Another game conference, and CG production, shows how ROBUST (and I
want it emphasize it on a Schwarzenegger accent) is Softimage in Japan!

Open this URL so that this post is not only about bad news...

The CG World JP workbook on 2016 is about street fighter V and guilty gear
XXrd. A lot of tech screencaps and concepts, just in case you´re wondering
how HIGH concept ASIA always had of softimage.


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