On 13/09/2016 1:29am, Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
> I am using Solr 5.5 and wanting to add JNDI settings to Solr (for data 
> import). I'm new to Solr Cloud setup (previously I was running Solr running 
> as a custom bundled war) so I can't figure where to put the JNDI settings 
> with user/pass themselves.
> I don't want to add it to jetty.xml because that's part of the packaged 
> application which will be upgraded from time to time.
> Should it go into solr.xml inside the solr.home directory? If so, what's the 
> right syntax there?

Just a follow up on this question. Does anyone know of how I can add JNDI 
settings to Solr without overwriting parts of the application itself?


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