On 9/20/2016 9:40 PM, Brent P wrote:
> I'm running Solr Cloud 6.1.0, with a Java client using SolrJ 5.4.1. 

Don't do that.  To successfully run mis-matched versions with SolrCloud,
SolrJ should be *newer* than Solr.  SolrCloud is evolving so rapidly
that mixing SolrJ and Solr versions isn't recommended unless they're
very close together within the same major version and SolrJ is newer.

With such a wide version discrepancy, especially with a client that's
older than the server, any errors you're seeing will not be surprising. 
If you have the same problem after upgrading SolrJ, then we can
investigate more.

SolrJ is an integral part of Solr itself, in addition to its status as a
standalone client.  The coupling between CloudSolrClient and the
internal SolrCloud implementation is very tight.

The version discrepancy probably would be no problem with
HttpSolrClient, because the HTTP API evolves at a much slower pace than
the Zookeeper/SolrCloud API.


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