On 9/21/2016 10:48 AM, Brent wrote:
> Okay, I'll try to figure out how to making using to the latest feasible... my
> situation is that I need to be able to talk to both DSE and Solr from the
> same application, and 5.4.1 is the latest version that works with DSE. 
> But this issue appears to be stemming from the Solr side. The client logs
> its messages after the messages are logged in the Solr server logs.
> Just pretending that I'm using SolrJ 6.1.0, would there be any explanation
> for my question?

I can't say much about what client versions work with DSE.  I don't know
anything about it.  I *do* know that CloudSolrClient is very sensitive
to version discrepancies with SolrCloud, as already described.  This
would be the case with either DSE or plain Solr.

The client log indicates that it sent its request to the .2 server, and
got a 510 HTTP error, with an HTML response that doesn't really say what
the problem was.

The server-side messages from the .2 server seem to have no connection
to the request made by the client.  Those messages are from PeerSync --
they concern Solr working to ensure that the replica is in sync with the
leader -- internal Solr operation, not a client request.  If the
messages indicate what I *think* they do, this should normally only
happen on major events, like a restart or recovery after a server goes
down and then comes back up.

The server side messages from the .4 server indicate a low-level problem
making an HTTP connection to the .2 server.  There's no way to know from
the log included why those requests were made.  SolrJ is not talking to
the .4 server according to the log you included, so those failed
requests are probably unrelated to the request coming from your client.

One thing you should do here is achieve perfect time sync between these
machines, so you can be completely sure that the logs you are comparing
are from the same timestamp.  I haven't seen anything to indicate what
OS you're running on, but if it's Linux or another UNIX-like OS,
installing the ntp (or ntpd) package should take care of that.


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