On 9/22/2016 4:59 PM, Yago Riveiro wrote:
> The Heap Memory Usage in the UI it's always -1. There is some way to
> get the amount of heap that a core consumes?

In all the versions that I have looked at, up to 6.0, this number is
either entirely too small or -1.

Looking into the code, this info comes from the /admin/luke handler, and
that handler gets it from Lucene.  The -1 appears to come into play when
the reader object is not the expected type, so I'm guessing that past
changes in Lucene require changes in Solr that have not yet happened. 
Even if the code is fixed so the reader object(s) are calculated
correctly, that won't be enough information for a true picture of core
memory usage.

In order for this number to be accurate, size information from other
places, such as Lucene caches and Solr caches, must also be included. 
There might also be memory structures involved that I haven't even
thought of.  It is entirely possible that the code to gather all this
information does not yet exist.

In my opinion, the Heap Memory statistic should be removed until a time
when it can be overhauled so that it is as accurate as possible.  Can
you open an issue in Jira?


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