I am using Solr 4.10.2. I have 200K documents sitting on Solr cluster (it has 3 
nodes), and let me first state that I am new Solr. I want to retrieve all 
documents from Sold (essentially just one field from each document).

What is the best way of fetching this much data without overloading Solr 

Approach I tried:
I tried using the following API (running every minute) to fetch a batch of 1000 
documents every minute. On Each run, I initialize start with the new index i.e 
adding 1000.

However, with the above approach, I have two issues:

1.       Solr cluster gets overloaded i.e it slows down

2.       I am not sure if start=X&rows=1000 would give me the correct results 
(changing rows=2 or rows=4 gives me totally different results, which is why I 
am not confident if I will get the correct results).


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