I've now attached a proposed patch to a pre-existing issue https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-9267.


13.10.2016, 2.19, Ere Maijala kirjoitti:
Answering to myself.. I did some digging and found out that boosts work
if qf is repeated in the local params, at least in Solr 6.2, like this:

{!mlt qf=title^100 qf=author=^50}recordid

However, it doesn't work properly with CloudMLTQParser used in SolrCloud
mode. I'm working on a proposed fix for this and will post a Jira issue
with a patch when done. There appears to be another problem with
CloudMLTQParser too where it includes extraneous terms in the final
query, and I'll take a stab at fixing that too.


1.8.2016, 9.12, Ere Maijala kirjoitti:
Hi All,

I, too, would like to know the answer to these questions. I saw a
similar question by Nikaash Puri on 22 June with subject "help with
moreLikeThis" go unanswered. Any insight?


11.7.2016, 18.32, Demian Katz kirjoitti:

I am currently using field-specific boosts in the qf setting of the
MoreLikeThis request handler:


I would like to accomplish the same effect using the MoreLikeThis
query parser, so that I can take advantage of such benefits as
sharding support.

I am currently using Solr 5.5.0, and in spite of trying many
syntactical variations, I can't seem to get it to work. Some
discussion on this JIRA ticket seems to suggest there may have been
some problems caused by parsing limitations:


However, I think my work on this ticket should have eliminated those


Anyway, this brings up a few questions:

1.)    Is field-specific boosting in qf supported by the MLT query
parser, and if so, what syntax should I use?

2.)    If this functionality is supported, but not in v5.5.0,
approximately when was it fixed?

3.)    If the functionality is still not working, would it be worth my
time to try to fix it, or is it being excluded for a specific reason?

Any and all insight is appreciated. Apologies if the answers are
already out there somewhere, but I wasn't able to find them!


Ere Maijala
Kansalliskirjasto / The National Library of Finland

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