Hello solr experts,

I am new to solr and facing a problem while trying to implement solr cloud
with zoo keeper.

I am having 2 zookeeper instances residing on the same machines as solr
instances(not the best config but to get started).

I got my zookeeper instances and solr instances to work but I am getting an
error as below.

   - *Core_Name:*
   Could not load conf for core *Core_Name*: Error loading solr config from

I had these cores running as a standalone instance before and I haven't
pushed the config to zookeeper.

I am assuming that is the problem, If someone could send me the proper
syntax pushing the config to zookeeper, It would be great, I tried the
syntax on the web but I ddnt get it ryt..

Also, I am unable to create collections from the web ui, it doesn't list
any configurations.

OS: Ubuntu
Solr version: 6.2.0

If I can get a list of setup steps, for this config It will help as well..

Please let me know if you need further clarifications.

Thank you very much.


Sadheera Vithanage

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