The output is numbing, but add &debug=true to your query and you'll see
exactly what contributed to the score and why. Otherwise you're flying
blind. Obviously something's trumping your boosting, but you can't pin down
what without the numbers.

You can get an overall sense of what's happening if you return "score" as a
an additional field, but that just gives you the result, now how it was
calculated. However, if you notice your boosting has changed the scores in
the right direction but just not enough it's an indication that bigger
boosts may help.

And do note that boosting _influences_ the score, it'll never guarantee an
absolute ordering where "all titles that have the content will appear
before any doc where the terms appear in the content".

It'll also be easier to read if you output it structured, see:


On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 7:10 AM, Tom Chiverton <> wrote:

> I have a few hundred documents with title and content fields.
> I want a match in title to trump matches in content. If I search for
> "connected vehicle" then a news article that has that in the content
> shouldn't be ranked higher than the page with that in the title is
> essentially what I want.
> I have tried dismax with qf=title^2 as well as several other variants with
> the standard query parser (like q="title:"foo"^2 OR content:"foo") but
> documents without the search term in the title still come out before those
> with the term in the title when ordered by score.
> Is there something I am missing ?
> From the docs, something like q=title:"connected vehicle"^2 OR
> content:"connected vehicle" should have worked ? Even using ^100 didn't
> help.
> I tried with the dismax parser using
>       "q": "Connected Vehicle",
>       "defType": "dismax",
>       "indent": "true",
>       "qf": "title^2000 content",
>       "pf": "pf=title^4000 content^2",
>       "sort": "score desc",
>       "wt": "json",
> but that was not better. if I remove content from pf/qf then documents seem 
> to rank correctly.
> Example query and results (content omitted) :
> with managed-schema
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