I take a look on the source code where this msg happen

I use version 6.5 who differ from master.
In 6.5:
if (! (indexed() || hasDocValues()) ) {
As my field is not indexed (and hasDocValues() is false as binary),
this test fail.
Ok but so, what is the way to get this field as I can see it in Luke
(in hex format) ?

2017-08-11 15:41 GMT+02:00 Barbet Alain <>:
> Hi !
> I've a Lucene base coming from a C++ program linked with Lucene++, a
> port of Lucene 3.5.9. When I open this base with Luke, it show Lucene
> 2.9. Can see a binary field I have in Luke, with data encoded in
> base64.
> I have upgrade this base from 2.9 => 4.0 => 5.0 =>6.0 so I can use it
> with Solr 6.5.1. I rebuild a schema for this base, who have one field
> in binary:
> <field name="document" type="binary" indexed="false" stored="true"/>
> When I try to retrieve this field with a query (with SOLR admin
> interface) it's fail with "can not use FieldCache on a field which is
> neither indexed nor has doc values: document"
> I can retrieve others fields, but can't find a way for this one. Does
> someone have an idea ? (At the end I want do this with php, but as it
> fail with Solr interface too ....).
> Thank you for any help !

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