Maybe you can try or extend Sematext’s Redis parser: 
<>. Downside of this approach is another 
moving part - Redis.

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> On 1 Feb 2018, at 19:55, Brian Yee <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to use external file field to store frequently changing inventory and 
> price data. I got a proof of concept working with a mock text file and this 
> will suit my needs.
> What is the best way to keep this file updated in a fast way. Ideally I would 
> like to read changes from a Kafka queue and write to the file. But it seems 
> like I would have to open the whole file, read the whole file, find the line 
> I want to change, and write the whole file for every change. Is there a 
> better way to do that? That approach seems like it would be difficult/slow if 
> the file is several million lines long.
> Also, once I come up with a way to update the file quickly, what is the best 
> way to distribute the file to all the different solrcloud nodes in the 
> correct directory?

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