We are using Solr 7.1.0 to index a database of addresses.  We have found that 
our index size increases massively when we add one extra field to the index, 
even though that field is stored and not indexed, and doesn’t contain a lot of 
data.  When this occurs, we also observe a significant increase in response 
times and CPU usage on the Solr server.

When we run an index load without the problematic field present, the Solr index 
size is 5.5GB.  When we add the field into the index, the size grows to 13.3GB. 
 The field itself is a maximum of 46 characters in length and on average is 19 
characters. We have ~14,000,000 rows in total to index of which only ~200,000 
have this field present at all (i.e. not null in database).  Given that we 
don’t want to index the field, only store it I would have thought (perhaps 
naively) that the storage increase would be approximately 200,000 * 19 = 3.8M 
bytes = 3.6MB rather than the 7.5GB we are seeing.

Some further background on what we are doing:

- We are using the Solr 7.1.0 docker image for our Solr server
- We are importing the data from an Oracle table using JDBC and the standard 
dataimport request handler
- As we want to push the docker image to AWS ECR which only accepts docker 
layers of a maximum of 10GB, we load the index in four separate imports, 
stopping Solr gracefully in between each load
- Our index contains 48 fields in total
- The problematic field is created through the API as follows:

  curl -X POST -H 'Content-type:application/json' --data-binary '{
  }' http://localhost:8983/solr/address/schema

I have also tried using SolrText instead of string, but that doesn't make a 
noticeable difference.

It also makes a difference how many records are loaded.  If I only load 
1,000,000 records (that have a proportionate number of building names) then the 
size of the index with and without buildingName is about the same (~1GB).

Is there some sort of limit that I'm not aware of that we are hitting, either 
number of fields or size of data?  Is there some kind of corrupt data that I 
need to look for in the buildingName field that could cause this (it's just a 
varchar2(46) field in Oracle)?

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