Hi Alessanro,

Thanks for responding.  We rebuild the index every time starting from a fresh 
installation of Solr.  Because we are running at AWS, we have automated our 
deployment so we start with the base docker image, configure Solr and then 
import our data every time the data changes (it only changes once a fortnight). 
 Once the import finishes we save the docker image in the AWS docker 
repository.  We then build our cluster using that image as the base.  So we 
never re-index an existing index, we just build another one from scratch.

We haven't configured anything special for segments and merges.

When I look in the console, the index is shown as being optimized.  There 
doesn't seem to be an option in the console anymore to optimize an index.  If I 
have only ever inserted new documents, should I need to optimize?  I will try 
an optimize when I am back in the office tomorrow.



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