Hi all, here's my setup:

6 x Solr (3 primary shard, 3 secondary)
3 x ZK

The client is indexing over 16 million documents using 8 threads.  Auto-soft
commit is 3 minutes, auto-commit is 10 minutes.

The following timeout is observed in our client log, intermittently:

Thinking that this is a case where ZK could no longer establish connection
to Solr node it is communicating with, I went to the primary nodes and
correlated the timestamps.  They all are very similar to below:

Note the time gap of over 1 minute, which I can only surmise that ZK is
waiting this whole time for Solr to return, only to timeout.  Is that
reasonable?  Thing is I have no idea what is happening in during that time
and why Solr is taking so long.  Note the second statement signaling the
start of the soft commit, so I don't think this is a case of a long commit.

Finally, checking the GC logs, there are no long pauses either!

Hoping an expert can shed some light here.

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