Dear All,

We are trying to implement basic authentication in our solrcloud 
implementation. We followed the PDF (for version 6.1.0) as below:

  1.  Start Solr
  2.  Created security.json
                        "blockUnknown": true,

  1.  Uploaded the new security.json with below command

# ./ -zkhost localhost:2181 -cmd putfile /security.json 

  1.  Open up the solr admin page and prompted with authentication
  2.  We try inputting username "solr" and password "SolrRocks" but it will not 

>From what I understand, that username/password combination is the default that 
>will have to be changed later. Any ideas why it is not working?
We tried to check for special characters in the encrypted password, there was 
none. For now we are removing the flag "blockUnknown" as a workaround.

We are using SolrCloud 6.1.0 and Zookeeper 3.4.6 (ensamble) in our setup. 
Appreciate the input.

Best Regards,

Christopher Tarjono
Accenture Pte Ltd

+65 9347 2484


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