I'm using solr, and enabling stats as per this page:

I want to get more stat values though. Specifically I'm looking for
r-squared (coefficient of determination). This value is not present in
solr, however some of the pieces used to calculate r^2 are in the stats
element, for example:

<double name="min">0.0</double>
<double name="max">10.0</double>
<long name="count">15</long>
<long name="missing">17</long>
<double name="sum">85.0</double>
<double name="sumOfSquares">603.0</double>
<double name="mean">5.666666666666667</double>
<double name="stddev">2.943920288775949</double>

So I have the sumOfSquares available (SST), and using this calculation, I
can get R^2:

R^2 = 1 - SSE/SST

All I need then is SSE. Is there anyway I can get SSE from those other
stats in solr?

Thanks in advance!

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