On 3/12/2018 4:15 PM, PeterKerk wrote:
> I trimmed stemdict_nl.txt for testing to just this:
> aachen                        aach
> aachener                      aachener

According to the example here:


The lines need to be tab separated.

I'm betting that you're running into this bug, which is still unresolved:


The source file you have referenced uses spaces.  If those are still in
your file, it isn't going to work.  It appears that the way the code is
written (and is STILL written even in master, which will one day be
version 8.0), the separator must be a SINGLE tab.  I have confirmed that
multiple tabs or any number of spaces isn't going to work properly.

I will see what I can do about getting the bug fixed, but for now you're
going to have to fix all the separators in your dictionary file.


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