On 4/4/2018 12:13 PM, Doug Turnbull wrote:
> Thanks for the responses. Yeah I thought they were weird errors too... :)
> Below are the logs from zookeeper running in foreground after a connection
> attempt. But this Exception looks suspicous to me:
> [NIOServerCxn.Factory:] - Exception
> causing close of session 0x10024db7e280006: *Len error 5327937*

With that information, I think I can tell you what went wrong.

It looks like one of the files you're trying to upload is 5 megabytes in
size.  ZooKeeper doesn't allow anything bigger than about 1 megabyte by
default, because is not designed for handling large amounts of data.

I think that the ZK uploading functionality probably needs to check the
size of what it is uploading against the max buffer setting and log a
useful error message.

You can get this to work, but to do so will require setting a system
property on *all* ZK clients and servers.  The clients will include Solr
itself and the zkcli script.  The system property to set is
"jute.maxbuffer".  Info can be found in ZK documentation.



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