Hi Emir,

Thanks for your reply.

Here building Solr has nothing to do with custom query parser.
Our system has been designed in such a way that package is created by
running following commands (there are other commands too but not related to
solr, hence omitting those)

${ANT} -buildfile ${SOLR_DIR}/build.xml ivy-bootstrap
${ANT} -buildfile ${SOLR_DIR}/build.xml compile
${ANT} -buildfile ${SOLR_DIR}/build.xml test
${ANT} -buildfile ${SOLR_DIR}/solr/build.xml dist
${ANT} -buildfile ${SOLR_DIR}/solr/build.xml server
${ANT} -buildfile ${SOLR_DIR}/lucene/build.xml package

And while building solr package, all are failing at *ant test* command.

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