Thanks for the head's up on that bug, it looks like we'll be doing some script 
editing either way.  I think 1 is the most popular with the team at this point, 
but I'll take the temperature and see how people feel.

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On 7/11/2018 12:09 PM, Lichte, Lucas R - DHS (Tek Systems) wrote:
> Hello, we're trying to get SOLR 7.2.1 running on SLES 11 but we hit issues 
> with BASH 3 and the ${distro_string,,} at the beginning of the 
>  We're just trying to get this upgraded without 
> tossing out the old DB serves so we can get the content team happy and move 
> on to redesigning the environment.  We're wondering if anyone else has hit 
> this, and if they have any lessons learned.
> As we see it, there's a few options:
> 1.       Install OpenSUSE BASH 4, maybe in /opt
> 2.       Update the lowercase method to something from BASH 3 ( pipe to tr?)
> 3.       Do this by hand without the
> 4.       Build new Redhat servers, migrate the DB and nuke these things.

Both bash 4 and SLES 11 are more than nine years old.  Upgrades are
definitely recommended.

The option that might be fastest is the second one you've presented --
changing anything in the scripts that requires bash 4 so it's compatible
with bash 3.  If you're comfortable with modifying a shell script in
this way, this is a good option.

The first option is probably a little bit safer -- install bash 4, and
make sure that this is the version used when installing and when
starting Solr.  That could be a PATH adjustment, or changing the shebang
in each script.

There is another issue you're going to need to deal with on SLES.  A fix
for this issue has not been committed to the source repository:


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