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It might make sense. Feel free to raise a jira, and "patches are welcome!".

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> Hi:
> When using the LTR, open timeAllowed parameter, LTR feature of query may
> call ExitableFilterAtomicReader. CheckAndThrow timeout detection.
> If a timeout occurs at this point, the exception ExitingReaderException is
> thrown, resulting in a no-result return.
> Is it possible to accommodate this exception in LTR so that any result
> that THE LTR has cleared will be returned instead of empty.
> This exception occurs in two places:
> 1. LTRScoringQuery. CreateWeight or createWeightsParallel. Here is the
> loading stage, timeout directly end is acceptable.
> 2. ModelWeight.scorer. This is a stage that evaluates each Doc and can
> catch the exception, end early, and return part of the result.

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