We are using Solr 6.6.2 in the Master-Slave mode ( hot star of the
discussion thread these days !!) and lately, I got into this weird issue
that at each replication trigger my index gets correctly replicated but my
config changes are not replicated to my slaves.

We are using referential properties i.e. my solrconfig.xml imports the
different configs like requesthandler_config.xml,
replication_handler_config.xml, etc  which essentially means if going by
solr doc (https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide/6_6/index-replication.html) :

Unlike the index files, where the timestamp is good enough to figure out if
they are identical, configuration files are compared against their
checksum. The schema.xml files (on master and slave) are judged to be
identical if their checksums are identical.

The checksum of my solrconfig.xml would not vary, is it why my files won't

I already have another Master-Slave in a different environment working with
the same config version, so I don't smell any issue with the replication

I have tried manual replication too but the files would not change.
Maybe it is something weirdly trivial or stupid that I seem to be missing
here, any pointers or ideas what else can I check?

Thank you,


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