Module Name:    src
Committed By:   msaitoh
Date:           Thu Dec  1 06:56:28 UTC 2016

Modified Files:
        src/sys/dev/pci: files.pci
        src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe: LICENSE ix_txrx.c ixgbe.c ixgbe.h ixgbe_82598.c
            ixgbe_82598.h ixgbe_82599.c ixgbe_82599.h ixgbe_api.c ixgbe_api.h
            ixgbe_common.c ixgbe_common.h ixgbe_dcb.c ixgbe_dcb.h
            ixgbe_dcb_82598.c ixgbe_dcb_82598.h ixgbe_dcb_82599.c
            ixgbe_dcb_82599.h ixgbe_mbx.c ixgbe_mbx.h ixgbe_netbsd.c
            ixgbe_netbsd.h ixgbe_osdep.h ixgbe_phy.c ixgbe_phy.h ixgbe_type.h
            ixgbe_vf.c ixgbe_vf.h ixgbe_x540.c ixgbe_x540.h ixv.c

Log Message:
Update ixg(4) and ixv(4) up to FreeBSD r282299:
- Add support for X55x.
- ADD EEE support (not tested).
- Add WOL support (not tested).
- Add suspend/resume support (not testd).
- Add LPLU support (not tested).
- Add DMA Coalescing (note verified).
- Not tested well for sysctls.
- Fix ixgbe_set_advertise() a bit. At least, FreeBSD r294578 is required
  to work hw.ixg0.advertise_speed sysctl correctly.

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.383 -r1.384 src/sys/dev/pci/files.pci
cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r1.4 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/LICENSE \
    src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ix_txrx.c src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_82599.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.43 -r1.44 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.11 -r1.12 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.6 -r1.7 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_82598.c \
    src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_common.h src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_phy.h \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_82598.h \
    src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_mbx.c src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_netbsd.c \
    src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_netbsd.h src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_x540.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.12 -r1.13 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_82599.c \
    src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_api.c src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_osdep.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.7 -r1.8 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_api.h \
    src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_phy.c src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_vf.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.8 -r1.9 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_common.c
cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_dcb.c \
    src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_dcb.h src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_dcb_82598.c \
    src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_dcb_82598.h \
    src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_dcb_82599.c \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_mbx.h \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.14 -r1.15 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixgbe_type.h
cvs rdiff -u -r1.21 -r1.22 src/sys/dev/pci/ixgbe/ixv.c

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copyright notices on the relevant files.

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