CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:        2019/09/15 06:25:41

Modified files:
        etc/etc.amd64  : fbtab 
        etc/etc.arm64  : fbtab 
        etc/etc.hppa   : fbtab 
        etc/etc.i386   : fbtab 
        etc/etc.loongson: fbtab 
        etc/etc.luna88k: fbtab 
        etc/etc.macppc : fbtab 
        etc/etc.octeon : fbtab 
        etc/etc.sgi    : fbtab 
        etc/etc.sparc64: fbtab 

Log message:
Add ttyC4 to lost of devices to change when logging in on ttyC0 (and in
some cases also the serial console) such that X can use it as its VT
when running without root privileges.

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