CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:    2019/09/15 09:00:30

Modified files:
        sys/scsi       : sd.c 

Log message:
With the recent fixes to SCSI version detection we reproduced a
problem encountered by FreeBSD and Linux when they started to try
issuing READ CAPACITY 16 commands to 'newer' devices. i.e. some USB
devices return bad data instead of an error when they can't handle the

Reproduce the FreeBSD solution (r233746 by mav@) by issuing READ
CAPACITY 16 commands only to devices that claim to be REALLY new
(a.k.a. newer than SPC-2, a.k.a. newer than SCSI-3), or which indicate
they really are bigger than can be reported via READ CAPACITY 10.

Should fix some USB devices claiming to have 71,776,119,061,217,281 or
33,601,071,049,867,265 sectors.

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