CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:    2022/02/15 18:25:45

Modified files:
        sys/net        : if_vxlan.c 
        sys/netinet    : udp_usrreq.c 
        sys/conf       : files 

Log message:
rewrite vxlan to better fit the current kernel infrastructure.

the big change is removing the integration with and reliance on
bridge(4) for learning vxlan endpoints. we have the etherbridge
layer now (which is used by veb, nvgre, bpe, etc) so vxlan can
operate independently of bridge(4) (or any other driver) while still
dynamically learning about other endpoints.

vxlan now uses the udp socket upcall mechanism to receive packets.
this means it actually creates and binds udp sockets to use rather
adding code in the udp layer for stealing packets from the udp

i think it's also important to note that this adds loop prevention
to the code. this stops a vxlan interface being used to transmit a
packet that was encapsulated in itself.

i want to clear this out of my tree where it's been sitting for
nearly a year. noone seems too concerned with the change either

ok claudio@

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