CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by:   2022/02/15 23:21:19

Modified files:
        sys/arch/hppa/gsc: harmony.c 
        sys/arch/luna88k/cbus: nec86.c 
        sys/arch/macppc/dev: aoa.c awacs.c daca.c onyx.c snapper.c 
        sys/arch/sparc64/dev: ce4231.c 
        sys/dev        : audio.c audio_if.h 
        sys/dev/fdt    : graphaudio.c simpleaudio.c 
        sys/dev/ic     : arcofi.c 
        sys/dev/isa    : ess.c gus.c pas.c sb.c 
        sys/dev/pci    : auacer.c auglx.c auich.c auixp.c autri.c 
                         auvia.c azalia.c cmpci.c cs4280.c cs4281.c 
                         eap.c emuxki.c envy.c esa.c eso.c fms.c 
                         maestro.c neo.c sv.c yds.c 
        sys/dev/sbus   : cs4231.c 
        sys/dev/tc     : bba.c 
        sys/dev/usb    : uaudio.c utvfu.c 

Log message:
Make room for a cookie argument passed to audio_attach_mi(). Currently
unused but intended to be used to correlate audio and wskbd devices.

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