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Module name:    src
Changes by:    2017/08/11 07:55:09

Modified files:
        sys/net        : switchofp.c 

Log message:
Set free'd tables to NULL in swofp_flow_entry_instruction_free().

swofp_flow_entry_instruction_free is used to "reset" the tables. It
called free on each table but didn't set them to NULL, causing
potential double-frees in swofp_flow_entry_put_instructions().

Instead of complicating the code and adding a X = NULL for each table,
restructure it by introducing a generic function to free tables as
they're all derived from struct ofp_instruction.

Reported by Coverity as various "Read from pointer after free" errors:
Coverity CIDs 1452955 1453345 1452858 1453031 1453179 1453216 1453093

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