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Module name:    src
Changes by:    2017/08/11 08:21:24

Added files:
        usr.bin/ctfconv: Makefile ctfconv.1 ctfconv.c ctfstrip 
                         ctfstrip.1 dw.c dw.h dwarf.h elf.c generate.c 
                         hash.c hash.h itype.h parse.c pool.c pool.h 
                         xmalloc.c xmalloc.h 

Log message:
Import a tool for generating CTF data section (SUNW_ctf) based on DWARF

ctfconv(1) support multiple CUs in order to work on binaries.  ctfstrip(1)
works like strip(1) but also insert a .SUNW_ctf section inside a binary.

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