That specific issue is pretty easy to fix.

For example,

export jplatform=`uname |awk '{print tolower($0)}'`

could become

export jplatform=${jplatform-`uname |awk '{print tolower($0)}'`}

That way, jplatform could be predefined for cross compilation:

jplatform=Darwin make

But, of course, for this to make sense, the script itself would have
to work on multiple platforms in the first place...


On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 9:03 PM, bill lam <> wrote:
> Just had a culsory look only, the patch uses uname to detect
> platform. However this detects host platform rather than
> target platform which is something else during
> cross-compilation, eg building binaries for mingw or raspberry
> on linux.  Better to provide more detail manual control with
> fallback to sensible defaults, but this might make build
> scripts even more complex.
> Сб, 03 фев 2018, Blake McBride написал(а):
>> Greetings,
>> I have created a new patch request on github that simplifies the build
>> process under Linux.  It eliminates the need for:
>> 1.  The sources to be in a particular directory
>> 2.  The need for environment variables
>> 3.  The need to edit or copy files
>> 4.  The need for more than one directory tree or files outside the source
>> tree
>> If there is interest in it, I can adapt it to OSX and possibly other
>> environments too.
>> Thanks.
>> Blake McBride
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