Hi all,

I'm working on packaging the most recent stable versions of the Spacewalk
client for newer versions of Ubuntu (18.04). I've made a lot of progress so
far and most of the client-server interactions work, but I'm hitting a wall
on package pushes. If I try to remotely schedule a package install and run
`rhn_check`, or run an `apt update`, the command on the client hangs

>From what I can tell, it's hanging on this line
in the spacewalk apt method, and isn't receiving input on stdin from apt at
all. I've tried installing my version of the package on a 16.04 VM and
experience the same issue, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with a change
in apt. The version that is currently packaged in the Ubuntu repositories
does work, however. Any ideas where I should look next or what could be

Dalton Miner
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