Hello all,

I am starting some activity in getting the prerequisites for Spacewalk Server 
on RHEL 8 (actually CentOS 8...) sorted.

I have forked the COPR spacewalk/nightly and am trying to get as many packages 
build as possible. I am currently at around 50%.
1. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the ant 1.10.1 ant-junit issues 
sorted? My experience with COPR is 0.

My current step is to get the spacewalk-backend package built. Here, I am stuck 
with the python2-rhn-client-tools due to conflicts with the Python 3 version. 
So I analysed whether the requirement/dependency could be upped to the Python 3 
2. Can you please verify my approach/assumption:

# grep -rlnw ./git/spacewalk/backend -e 'from up2date_client'  # Search all 
files in backend for an import of the "python2-rhn-client-tools" python files

So python2-rhn-client-tools only seems to be required for "satellite_tools"

#grep -rlnw backend -e 'from satellite_tools'
- no results -

So satellite_tools seems to be standalone in backend. From that, I would 
conclude that satellite is the only impact for that dependency. Verifying those 
three files for Python 3 should do the trick to remove the Python 2 dependency. 
Do you see it the same way?

3. Can you share any pre-work that has been done so far so I can focus on open 
items instead of redoing the same work you did?

4. Can you give any guidance/coordination to use time/efforts most effectively?

Thank you and best wishes,


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