I am testing spacewalk action chain. Our current version of spacewalk is 2.6. 
when I schedule action chain. 

Action 1
        Server1: sleep 10
Action 2
       Server2: sleep 20
Action 3
       Server3: stop a service

I thought the action 1 from server1 should be executed first and finished 
before action 2 can started.  then action 2 start and finished before action3 
can start. 

But based on looking at completed action. All three actions are started at same 
time, since action 3 only run a simple command, so it completed first. Then 
action1 completed and action2 completed. 

Look like the action chain order only matters if it is for same server, but if 
it is for different server, the action chain order does not matter. Is this 


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