On 15 Jun 2003 Brad Marcoux ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> The only problem is that the mailboxes it's dumping mail into are
> unreadable by pine - specifically, the mailbox shows up as one HUGE
> message rather than as individual messages. I haven't encountered this
> problem on any of the lists: any idea what this is and how to fix?

This might be caused by:

* your MDA (often procmail) delivering to the wrong mailbox format
* pine accessing the mail via local file access rather than imap
* procmail's missing "F" in From_ header problem

Are you able to access the mailboxes using another client? The
first thing that I'd do is set up pine to access the mailboxes
via IMAP and see if that solves the problem (assuming the system
is running an IMAP server). Also look at the Procmail recipe that
delivers the mail and see what mailbox format it's delivering to.

 mailbox   means unix mbox
 mailbox/  means maildir
 mailbox/. means mh

Make sure it's using a format that your IMAP server knows how to

Good luck,
Let us know how you solve this,

Nancy McGough            <http://www.ii.com>            Infinite Ink
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