Today the only spam which slipped thru was a short one with some URLs in 
HTML and then this at the end (see below):

I think this is not only trying to trick Bayes in thinking it's ham but 
also tries to spoil the Bayes ham recognition if I teach that message as 
spam to sa-learn because Bayes will now add some spam percentage to BEGIN 
PGP SIGNATURE or "rocky" or "comparing" etc.
Or am I wrong?
What should I do? Teach the complete message to Bayes as spam or remove 
this stuff before teaching it?

> i3A/A9UAPmf7ZbesiT+lEZdqEQJJ6QCeJcBgl19C3ErrfhM3h7z5Kg49xU89oKHG
> L79MJrvpvQ0ofECdfGbuRfwe
> =u41Z
> <br>
> baffler rocky irregularly troublemaker rusts entertainer comparing
> inmate maids jogs  sorting viewed 
> practicable parameterized proverb
> rewind cajoles oakland rubbed rankin  rollins chief unharmed graphic
> vanishing appetizer kidney conspicuous jumbles stupidly 
> dreads
> simplistic lamarck booking thetis adjudicate fragmentation neurotic
> compressor cleaning  
> RzneXznvyyvfgfRzneXpbanpgvir.pbzRzneX foolishly
> reflective hitting pursuit extraneous confrontations 
> neighborhoods
> noetherian hyphen halloween



Kai Schätzl, Berlin, Germany
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