> I received a Nigerian spam today. It was caught,
> but they have definitely mutated it beyond logic. Here
> is the kicker part:

Okay, THAT one takes the cake!  That's a real winner.  This isn't a spam,
and it's a pretty old joke (not sure if it's real or not) but it seems to
vaguely remind me of this spam you shared with us all!

Detroit: R.C. Gaitlan, 21, walked up to two patrol officers who were showing
their squad car computer felon-location equipment to children in a Detroit
neighborhood. When he asked how the system worked, the officer asked him for
identification. Gaitlan gave them his drivers license, they entered it into
the computer, and moments later they arrested Gaitlan because information on
the screen showed Gaitlan was wanted for a two-year-old armed robbery in St.
Louis, Missouri.

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