Morning list,

I have followed the instructions for the SMTP gateway. They are pretty
good, and spam assassin seems to be working nicely - to a point.
The instructions just quickly mention that the SMTP proxy has been
removed from the current version and points to 2 other sites, that have
a similar product. But unfortunately for me (Linux semi-newbie) there is
no further instructions on how to compile these with perl nor how to run

Could anyone point me to any kind of information regarding SMTP proxies
on Win2K server?

Alternatively, I was thinking on running Spamassassin on my IPCop
firewall, but it just doesn't seems like a way to go. I mean it's a
security device and shouldn't really be running anything else.

Any suggestions/pointers appreciated


"Tom Meunier" said:
>For an SMTP gateway?
>For a workstation?
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>> From: Joe Flowers [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> Sent: Monday, June 16, 2003 3:52 PM
>> Subject: [SAtalk] Docs or "cheat sheets" on installing SpamAssassin
>> MS Windows?
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I need to get Spam Assassin to work on a MS Windows XP machine ASAP.
>> Are there any docs, faqs , web pages, or "cheat sheets" 
>> available to help me
>> get this does ASAP?
>> Thanks!
>> Joe 

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