Steve Prior wrote:
When I used to get telemarketing phone calls there were times when I was
actually interested in the category of product being called about, but I
always told the caller that it was too bad they had called because I am
actually interested in such a product, but have a policy of never doing
business with a company that telemarketed me so they were now out of the

I almost had to cancel an order last month when a store I was seriously considering buying from sent out spam to an address that had obviously been harvested from my website. If I hadn't been bidding on the same item on eBay, I would have bought it three days before they started the campaign.

As it was, I sent them a nice note explaining that I had almost placed an order with them, but would never buy anything from them at all because they had sent me spam. I explained why opt-out isn't enough, that address harvesting was generally frowned upon, that they should be using confirmed opt-in, and so on, and asked to be removed from the list.

This afternoon, they sent me another mailing. This time, I started hitting the abuse contacts at their ISPs.

Sometimes the student isn't willing to learn.

Kelson Vibber
SpeedGate Communications <>

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