At 04:32 PM 6/17/03 -0500, Oleg Aronov wrote:

        I just installed and configured SpamAssassin (with amavisd-new and
Postfix). And it's working, but I want to create few more rules by myself
which I want to use, but unfortunately I have no idea how I can do it. Hope
somebody will help me.

So, what I want is create special rules, that will allow SA classified as
SPAM emails which contains special key-words. Is it possible?
If it is possible, will SA look for this words not only in Subject line,
but also in text body? or should I configure few rules separately for
Subject and for Body?

Here's a fairly comprehensive guide I wrote on how to write rules, it should tell you everything you need to know.

The only extra details you'll need to know are:
1) "body" rules will also match the subject line. So a "body" rule should do what you want.
2) if you need to force an email to be tagged, simply assign the rule a score that is a good bit over your threshold. Be VERY careful doing this if you are doing some kind of "auto delete".

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