Jason Haar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Has anyone using rbl-plus got a better way of integrating it with SA other
> than manually separating it back out into separate DUL, RSS, etc feeds again?
> The problem with rbl-plus is that it lists all DUL,RSS,etc DNS domains
> within it's one domain - which means that when you activate RCVD_IN_RBL in
> SA, you end up with SA tagging as spam messages sent from DUL users via
> their home company to you. SA only "thinks" it's doing RBL lookups - not DUL
> - but with rbl-plus it's actually doing both.
> I was wondering if there's a way to tell SA to ignore RBL matches if the
> returned IP address is - which is the one assosiated with DUL?

SA 2.60 will have RBL+ rules that you can use (uncomment them and
comment out the standard MAPS rules).  The syntax of the rules is
different, so unless you're willing to figure out how to use them in
2.55, you might as well just wait.

And yes, since I don't have RBL+, I have no idea whether they'll
actually work, so if you want to try 2.60-cvs and see if it works now,
it might not be a bad idea.


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