Sorry if this has been asked answered before, but I have 5000 messages here
to wade thru..

Spamassassin 2.54 Cobalt Raq4 w/sendmail, mailscanner, Clam antivirus

If there is an existing rule with a set score.. and I want to make that
score higher.. if I add:
score RULE_SUCH_AND_SUCH     15
to my file.. will this cause..
1. the rule to be scored twice?
2. one rule to override the other?

Or should I duplicate the rule with a new name in my file??


On the Black list side of things.. what advantage would it be to use
mailscanner and SA's versus sendmail's black list?? The only
advantage I can see is that MS and SA allow partial matches * while
sendmail does not allow this.

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