we have quite a lot of people who use mcbone.net, t-dialin.net, etc. IPs to
send their mail via our server (SMTP AUTH). Those IPs belong to the biggest
German dial-up providers and they are in a lot of (dial-up) RBLs.

I'd like to NOT score mail from those people who authenticated via SMTP, but
I'd still like to use the dial-up RBL for other people (sending spam and
virii directly to our users) who don't authenticate.

I use qmail with SMTP AUTH and vpopmail.
Is there some kind of environment variable etc. which SA can respect?

I understand 'trusted_networks' is supposed to fix this in the config but it
doesn't seem to do exactly what I want to do.

Thank you!

Jens Benecke (jens at spamfreemail.de)
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