On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 12:56:39PM +0000, thomas fritz wrote:
> debug: bayes: expiry check keep size, 75% of max: 112500
> debug: bayes: token count: 1215351, final goal reduction size: 1102851

Ok, so you want to keep 112k, and have 1.2m, for a reduction size of 1.1m.

> debug: bayes: atime     token reduction
> debug: bayes: ========  ===============
> debug: bayes: 43200     1215275
> debug: bayes: 86400     1215275
> debug: bayes: 172800    1215275
> debug: bayes: 345600    1215275
> debug: bayes: 691200    1215275
> debug: bayes: 1382400   1215275
> debug: bayes: 2764800   1215275
> debug: bayes: 5529600   1215275
> debug: bayes: 11059200  1215275
> debug: bayes: 22118400  1215275
> debug: bayes: couldn't find a good delta atime, need more token difference,

Any atime delta it tries to use results in pretty much all of your tokens
being removed.

> so expiring never occurs, and the db grows bigger and bigger.
> what is the problem here?

Your tokens are all < 12h old.  The only solution to that is to either
learn less, or up your max db size to fit the number of tokens you have.
My guess is that you recently updated to 2.6x which sets all of the
atimes to current time.  If this is the case, learn from more mails,
and eventually the problem will correct itself.

Please note that (as in the documentation), --force-expire doesn't mean
anything will actually expire, only that an expiry run will be attempted.

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