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is it possible to have several _local_ configuration files (not only /etc
spamassassin/local.cf, but also e.g. whitelist.cf, words.cf, etc in /etc
spamassassin)? I didn't find any "include" statement etc. in

Second, can anybody with a decent amount of ham and spam test my local rules
database? So far it has produced very good results (ie. very few FPs) but I
have to keep updating it and I'd also like to know if some of the rules are
already covered in base SA installs (I started making my own rules when
using 2.44, I'm now using 2.63).

Also; I'm looking at Bigevil, Chickenpox etc etc. and I wonder if replacing
my rules with those will improve things.

The SA conf is available at http://www.rb-hosting.de/  spamconfig.php?SA=1
(space intentional because I don't want spambots to visit that page)


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