Sometimes it's the big mailers who can't seem to get their servers configured right. I recently had a problem receiving statement notices from US Bank, who uses to deliver said notices. As it were, appears to have re-provisioned some sending servers to IPs that no longer have resolvable rDNS names, so spamdyke dutifully rejects them.

I think it's interesting that the folks at (of all people) did manage to have a correct (and enforcing) SPF record for the IP/server in question, but failed to set up rDNS appropriately.

When spamdyke eventually implements SPF checking, I'd like to see an option whereas if the SPF record is enforcing and the check passes, then all other filters (such as rDNS etc) will pass. Personally, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt to any domain which has a valid enforcing SPF record. I could see where some admins might not wish to be so lenient, so making this optional seems appropriate.

Any thoughts about this?

-Eric 'shubes'

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