On 07/31/2014 05:59 PM, Eric Shubert wrote:
When spamdyke eventually implements SPF checking, I'd like to see an
option whereas if the SPF record is enforcing and the check passes, then
all other filters (such as rDNS etc) will pass. Personally, I'm willing
to give the benefit of the doubt to any domain which has a valid
enforcing SPF record. I could see where some admins might not wish to be
so lenient, so making this optional seems appropriate.

On second thought, this isn't necessarily a good idea. I just came across some spam that not only had a valid SPF record (although it wasn't enforcing, it had ~all), it also had valid DKIM.

So I should amend this suggestion, that if SPF is enforcing and the check passes, then *some* filters will pass, namely those that the mailer has control of. RBL filters (which the mailer doesn't control) should still be honored in any case.

Perhaps this makes the SPF filter too complicated. I wouldn't want this to delay having SPF implemented in spamdyke.

As always, thanks Sam.

-Eric 'shubes'

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