The version header of the bootloader isn't even being printed... Are you sure the machine is loading
That did not go un-noticed by me... I'm absolutely positive its targetting the file but to be sure I'll go through it all here for you (when looking be careful about commented lines):

After going through everything and cut/pasting for you suddenly it booted... so I must have screwed something up...

The only thing I changed (to make it more clear for pasting here) was I changed the tftpd line from -s /tfptboot to -s /<real-directory> where /tftpboot was a softlink... but before posting to the list I verified that it was indeed sending the correct file by checking the transfer log, size of file vs size of file linked to '0A0A000D' (the IP)..

Thanks for looking at it though and sorry for wasting people's time .. :)


Michelle Sullivan

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