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I was browsing through the FAQ and found out that since we (re)renamed the GPL 
family in license list 3.0, we haven’t updated the texts in the FAQ yet.


Most specifically, this question should be amended:

> Why do I only see GPL-2.0 only listed on the SPDX License List? How do I 
> represent a GPL-2.0 or later license option?
>    Licenses that allow an "or later" license option are represented via a 
>    license expression using the + operator. For example, a file that is 
>    subject to GPL-2.0 or later, would be represted by: GPL-2.0+

Best probably to split it into two examples:

 • a GPL one (GPL-2.0-only vs GPL-2.0-or-later); and
 • a generic one (e.g. MPL-1.0+)

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