Disinformation - “Antithesis”
Virtual exhibition for Schemata Art
With New Art City + Corsica Studios
Opens mid-day 26 March 2022

“Antithesis” is an on-line and virtual 3D art exhibition, featuring a range
of hypnotic and immersive sound works by the highly innovative and
influential audio-kinetic art project Disinformation. Musical pieces based
on electrical interference produced by the National Grid, are exhibited
alongside VLF band radio recordings of electromagnetic noise from the
London Underground, from lightning strikes and electric storms, and EEG
recordings taken directly from the mind of Disinformation producer Joe

“Antithesis” features the Disinformation “National Grid” video
installation, created in collaboration with film-maker Barry Hale, and
experimental film works, which explore the notion of electricity as the
physiological basis of human visual perception. Explore sounds and images
inside the virtual replica of Corsica Studios, then step outside to view a
3D replica of the Brutalist architect Rodney Gordon’s memorial to the
electrical scientist Michael Faraday (which is located close to the host
organisation Corsica Studios in London’s Elephant & Castle). “Antithesis”
features a range of optokinetic video and electromagnetic sound works -
including a specially commissioned rendition of the “National
Grid” audio work, featuring sounds from live mains electricity, spring
reverb, virtual string quartet and electronic tanpura.

“Virtually all the physical phenomena we experience, such as light,
chemical reactions, the properties of materials, and the transmission of
signals along nerve fibres, are electrical in nature. In fact, the only
non-electrical force we experience every day is the force of gravity.”
- Harris Benson “University Physics” Wiley 1991

“Antithesis” full text + user guide - https://tinyurl.com/2p8zjvmj

“Antithesis” portal opens mid-day (UK time) 26 March 2022 -


Navigation - https://tinyurl.com/2x5exjrx

Flashing images. Headphones recommended.
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