*We are pleased to invite you to the second lecture in this new series.***


*Coventry Cultural Theory presents…*

Athwart: Writing into oceans

Elspeth Probyn

Professor of Gender and Cultural Studies

University of Sydney

Date: 6^th April 2022
Time: 11am – 12.30pm (UK Time)
Venue: Online on Zoom
Language: English


*Series Information*

Often defined by the term ‘auto-theory’, recent shifts in cultural theory have seen a move to self-reflexivity, creative and hybrid texts, the polemic and the memoir as a way to write theory into the fabrics of everyday life. These phenomena include new forms of feminist writing, such as those embodied by recent black, immigrant and indigenous feminist works, and new genres of queer fiction and non-fiction. What this means for the politics of everyday life remains however unaddressed. Where does theory go? What is the constituency? How does it circulate? What might be its political effects? And why is auto-theory one of the few forms of theory that is still acceptable to the literary and cultural mainstream nowadays?

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